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JANE is a biannual fashion and fine art publication shot on film and printed on paper.
Founded and produced by Annika Hein and Odin Wilde, the magazine explores the disciplines of art, photography, fashion, and poetry.

JANE is a slow art movement, offering an alternative voice guided by artistic consideration and creative freedom. Creating a community that goes beyond the pages, JANE’s mission is to cultivate an overarching change in artistic consumption and creation.

issue seven of JANE is dedicated to our all-enduring Mother and our collective responsibility. To the peacekeepers and pollinators and the heavenly hellraisers. The changemakers and whistleblowers and zero-waste warriors. To the earthlings and wild ones who know we can do better. To using art as a notion of hope, and to the fearless acknowledgment that we’re always stronger together. To the respectful resuscitation of resources, and to our inherent, all-consuming love for this big blue planet.  

To our home, our heart, in love and unity.  
To the sweet Earth.  
Our sweet Mother. 
May we all stand with you in resurrection.  
We’re all alive together.  

Amongst many others, issue seven features:
Photographic work by Pascale Arnaud, Jessa Carter, Mara Corsino, Jake Terrey, and Carole Peyrot.
Written features by Divya Bala, Kathryn Carter, Shana Chandra, Rosie Dalton, Alma Tetto, and Saskia Tillers.
Artwork by Katerina Bak, Mireille Blanc, and Marije Seijn.
And interviews with artist Mathilde Denize, cinematographer Peter Nelson, photographer Brooke Holm, Fashion designer Charlotte Hicks, influencer Doina Ciobanu, and evolutionary astrologer Timothy Halloran 

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